Beginners Makeup tutorials for looking flawless everyday

Beginners Makeup tutorials for looking flawless everyday
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No matter what types of skin problems you have everyone try to conceal it with makeups.

Your look gives a first impression of your personality.So; you should look flawless at party, at a date or even at work. Sometimes it becomes a complete disaster after applying hundreds of costly products after watching makeup tutorials. You should know your skin type and buy products according to it. Here are simple Makeup tutorials that you can follow to get a bright and gorgeous look every day.

The base

Choice of base is the most important part of makeup tutorials. If you have dark spots or redness, or dark-circles then use a concealer. If you want to have an elegant look at work, BB cream can work its own way. And, if you want to have a long lasting effect of your intense make-up, choose a foundation. No matter what you are using, match it with your skin tone.

The eye-brows

There are two ways of doing an eye brow. First one is the powder; it gives you a natural look. The other option is pencil; it gives your brows a dark and a bold look.

The eye-lashes

Make your eyelash pop-out by using an eyelash curler. It is simple to use, just hold the lashes, and give gentle push with your thumb. Then you apply the mascara.

The eyeshadow

For a daily make-up it is best to choose a matte eyeshadow, slightly darker than your skin tone. You can use your fingers or brushes to fill the eye lids. Then apply eyeliner. It must be a darker shade than your eyeshadow.

The blush

Then it’s time to apply the magic powder. Choose a shade of pink to make you look brighter. Apply it with a crème brush, over the lining of the cheek bones.

The lip:

Choose any colour according to your skin tone or matching up your dress. You don’t have to apply a gloss every time.

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